Goverment Jobs
March 15, 2019
Baldwin Park, California
Job Type




To perform a wide variety of typing and general clerical duties as required in the assigned department.


This is the entry level class in the Clerical series. The class is distinguished from the II level in that incumbents assigned to this class normally perform a set of assigned duties according to established procedures and changes in procedures or exceptions to rules are explained in detail as they arise. Incumbents of the class would lack a complete knowledge of department procedures and precedents and not yet be able to perform the full range of duties assigned to the journey level without immediate.


Immediate supervision is provided by management, professional, technical, or higher level clerical positions. Functional or technical may also be received from department staff.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES (Depending upon assignment, duties may include:)

Types a variety of documents including reports, letters, forms, and other materials from oral direction, rough draft, forms, copy, notes, transcribing machine recordings or other sources.

Performs a wide variety of clerical work including typing, proofreading, filing, coding, check and recording information on records.

Sorts and files materials by established categories; looks up information and materials in files; records information, notes final dispositions.

Operates a computer data terminal to send and receive a wide variety of information.

Answers telephones; relays messages; receives and refers complaints; and gives answers to routine questions.

Assist public at the counter, giving and receiving information and directing to proper department.

Explains to the public how to complete various forms, applications and licenses, and assists in completing these documents when necessary.

Compile information and data for statistical and financial reports; maintains a variety of statistical records; checks and tabulates statistical data, and prepares statistical reports.

Performs record keeping for various funds and expenditures.

Maintains and processes personnel and payroll records.

Maintains inventory records; processes purchase requisitions; maintains purchase order records; resolves errors in orders received and invoices.

Orders office supplies; submits expense claims.

Operates adding machine and other office equipment including work processing equipment.

Receives, sorts and distributes incoming and outgoing correspondence; schedules appointments and various meetings, and issues, receives, types and processes various applications, permits, and other forms.

May train, supervise and be responsible for the work of other temporary or permanently assigned clerical support personnel.

May provide temporary and/or vacation relief in similar occupational fields as necessary.

May operate City's central switchboard and provide general information to the public.

Performs matron duties as necessary.

Performs related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Office methods and equipment.

Ability to:

Type at a speed of not less than 40 words per minute from clear copy.

Perform routine clerical work.

Learn to operate office machines and equipment and learn office methods, rules and policies.

Understand and carry out oral and written directions.

Experience and Education

Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:


One year of general clerical experience.


Equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade, including or supplemented by specialized clerical courses.

Selection Process
Apply immediately! The recruitment is open until sufficient applications are received.The City of Baldwin Park is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of Baldwin Park is committed to promoting equal employment opportunity to all without regard to political affiliation or opinion, age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, marital status, disability, medical condition, gender, pregnancy or pregnancy related condition. Please note: If you require an accommodation during the selection process, please notify the Human Resources Department.

The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract for employment. Any provision contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice.


  • 2.7% @ 55 formula
  • Employee pays 8% of CalPERS employee contribution
  • 2% @ 60 formula
  • Employee pays 5.5% ofCalPERSemployee contribution

Retiree Health Benefits for Employees Hired Before July 1, 2015

  • City will pay the premium cost for retiree-only coverage in the retiree's chosen medical plan

Retiree Health Benefits Plan for Employees Hired on or After July 1, 2015

Credited Years of Service Percentage of Amount
5 years or less 0% of premium cost
6 to 10 years 20% of the premium cost
11 to 15 years 40% of the premium cost
16 to 20 years 60% of the premium cost
21 to 25 years 80% of the premium cost
26 to full years 100% of the premium cost


  • City will contribute to $1,400/mo
  • Balance can be taken as additional compensation or deferred compensation

VISION INSURANCE (Vision Service Plan)

  • City will contribute up to a maximum premium cost of $32.12/ mo

LIFE INSURANCE (The Standard Insurance)

  • City shall provide a $50,000 term life and AD&D insurance.
  • Additional term life and AD&D insurance , paid by EE


  • City pays 100% of the employee premium
  • Max benefit of 66 2/3 of their current base salary up to $5,000/ mo max
  • 30 day waiting period


  • City contributes2% of employee's unadjusted biweekly base salary into a City sponsored deferred compensation plan.


  • 4/10 schedule will receive two (2) ten (10) hour days of floating leave, for a total of 110 hours
  • 3/12 schedule will receive one (1) twelve (12) hour day of floating leave, for a total of 120 hours
  • 5/40 schedule will receive three (3) eight (8) hour days of floating leave, for a total of 104 hours

*In lieu of MLK Day, each EE shall receive one (1) ten (10) hour day of floating leave, regardless of whether the EE is on the 4/10 schedule, the 3/12 schedule or the 5/40 schedule, each fiscal year


  • Employee may accumulate up to a max of one hundred (100) hours
  • Payout of unused hours in excess of 100 will be removed from the employee's holiday bank hours accrual on January 1 and paid in their straight time hourly rate no later than June 30


  • Accrue 3.693 hours for each pay period
  • The maximum accrual 300 hours, 600 hours or 900 hours
  • Excess hours will be removed from the EE sick leave hours accrual, calculated at their straight time hourly rate, paid at no less or no more than 50% of the total value paid in December


  • 1-5 years, 3.6923 PP (accrual =96 hours, max 192)
  • 5-10 years, 4.6153 PP (accrual=120 hours, max 240)
  • 10-15 years, 5.5384 PP (accrual =144 hours, max 288)
  • 15-20 years, 6.4615 PP (accrual= 168 hours, max 336)
  • 20 years, 7.3846 PP (accrual =192 hours, max 384)


  • Cap of one hundred and fifty (150) hours placed on compensatory time off
  • EE bank shall be reduced to seventy five (75) hours or less on or before December 31st


  • $150.00 per month for Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Sign Language


  • EE to train other EE will receive training pay at $150/ mo not to exceed four (4) months
  • Compensating January 1, 2015, a trainer who has been employed ten (10) years or more, will receive $200/ mo not exceed four (4) months
  • The Chief may authorize an additional two (2) months of training
  • The following positions are eligible for pay; Dispatch Trainer, Records Trainer, Parking Enforcement Trainer
  • Jail Searches: $150/mo
  • Detective Bureau Secretary: $150/mo


  • AA/AS degree will receive $100 per month
  • BS/BA degree will receive $200 per month


  • P.O.S.T Supervisory Certificate will receive $310/ mo


  • The city will provide $500.00 per fiscal year


  • Amount not to exceed $2,000 per fiscal year


  • EE killed while in the course and scope of employment during scheduled hours of work the city will pay up to $10,000 in funeral expenses


  • Up to $1,500 interest free loan and payroll deduction