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March 15, 2019
Austin, Texas
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Job Summary

Under moderate supervision, performs moderately complex clerical and administrative support tasks involving some independent judgment. Performs a variety of administrative, technical or analytical work of a specialized nature in furtherance of department mission. Performs research and analysis. Performs general office functions. Provides direction and information to the public on department and County procedures, regulations and policies. Maintains document, file, and record retrieval systems.

The primary focus of this position is open records administrative enhancement. Under Duties and Responsibilities: Maintains confidentiality with sensitive information. Under Skill in: Word Processing, preparing labels, creating form letters.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This is the second in a series of three general clerical-related job classifications within the Administrative Support job family.This classification is distinguished from the Office Assistant in that work requires specialized functional knowledge with independent decision-making within established limits.This classification is distinguished from the Office Specialist Senior in that incumbents typically have less experience, specialized knowledge and responsibility. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Applies functional knowledge to analyze and respond to matters requiring basic knowledge of department policies and procedures. Performs research and analysis in furtherance of program and department goals. Gathers information and statistical data. Creates databases and generates reports using spreadsheets, databases, and word processing and presentation software.
  • Performs general office functions. Writes and prepares correspondence. Performs and conducts research and interpretation of data. Proofs documents and performs quality control reviews. Opens and distributes incoming mail, prepares mail outs, and maintains mailing lists. Maintains office schedules and appointments. Makes copies, does filing and sends faxes. Performs data entry on a regular basis. Schedules meetings, conferences and facilities. May assist with department personnel functions. Performs general office activities, such as ensuring facility availability, opening and closing doors, assisting in administrative staff support. Participates in complex/technical administrative projects with staff as directed. Assists with specialized or difficult work activities of subordinates or other staff members, such as mileage and travel/training requests and submittals. Responds to technical administrative questions, and ensures necessary follow-up.
  • Performs receptionist duties, answers telephone, directs calls, office errands and takes and relays accurate messages. Logs phone calls and visitors. Greets and receives the public. Answers general questions about the department, its functions and activities, and its interrelationships with County departments and outside agencies. Refers individuals to appropriate persons, departments, or agencies.
  • Provides direction and information to the public on department and County procedures, regulations and policies. Records transactions and maintains manual and computerized journal entries. Processes financial reports, including receipts, claims, and disbursements. Receives, posts and issues receipts for fee payments or other charges and submits monies and pertinent information to appropriate departments.
  • Maintains effective document, file, and record retrieval systems. Maintains accountability for paper and electronic files. Creates, compiles, retrieves and disseminates information using computer and paper files. May be responsible for record storage. May maintain records and files for microfilming. May be responsible for scanning documents and managing indexed files. May serve as timekeeper.
  • May translate for Spanish speaking clients. Serves as a notary public. Orders and purchases office supplies.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.
Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience:
High School diploma or G.E.D. AND three (3) years of responsible office/clerical experience, including the operation of computer equipment to include word processing, spreadsheets, databases and a variety of software packages;


Any combination of education and experience that has been achieved and is equivalent to the stated education and experience and required knowledge, skills, and abilities sufficient to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of this job.

Licenses, Registrations, Certifications, or Special Requirements:
None required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • Modern office/clerical practices, procedures, and methods.
  • Policies, practices, procedures and terminology of assigned function.
  • File management and techniques.
  • Principles and procedures of record keeping.
  • Customer service etiquette.
  • Computer equipment to include word processing, spreadsheets, databases and a variety of software packages.
  • Business English, spelling and arithmetic, letter writing, grammar and punctuation and report, preparation.
  • May be required to develop knowledge of and adhere to federal and state laws requiring the confidential handling of certain health information.

Skill in:

  • Conducting research and presenting information.
  • Processing financial reports, including receipts, claims, disbursements, travel, purchasing and mileage submittals.
  • Performing cashier duties, such as receiving cash, issuing and posting receipts for fee payments or other charges.
  • Operating a variety of modern office equipment, including a computer.
  • Both verbal and written communication.

Ability to:

  • Compile data and write clear and comprehensive reports.
  • Understand and carry out verbal and written directions.
  • Perform multitasking.
  • Create effective filing systems, and retrieve and disseminate information.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with departmental clientele, representatives of outside agencies, other County employees and officials, and the general public.
Work Environment & Other Information

Physical requirements include the ability to lift/carry up to 20-50 pounds occasionally, visual acuity, speech and hearing, hand and eye coordination, and manual dexterity necessary to operate a computer and office equipment. Subject to sitting, client/customer contact, standing, walking, vision to monitor, repetitive motion, stooping/kneeling, squatting, bending, and reaching to perform the essential functions.

This job description is intended to be generic in nature. It is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities. The essential duties, functions and responsibilities and overtime eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.

Work Hours: 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon; Monday through Friday
20 Hours per week

Department: County Attorney

Location: 314 W. 11th Street, Austin

Criminal, Driving and Employment Background Check Required.


Employment at Travis County comes with a full array of benefits. We offer comprehensive health insurance, a no-cost, on-site Health and Wellness clinic, longevity pay, paid vacations, sick time and personal holidays, not to mention an industry competitive salary structure and a friendly, stable work environment.

2018 Travis County Benefit Guide

In this valuable benefit resource guide you will find benefit summaries, eligibility requirements, costs, contact numbers and addresses as well as other general information on the benefits available to Travis County Employees and Retirees.

Credit Union

Employees may join the Travis County Credit Union which offers low-interest loans, savings plans through payroll deduction, safe deposit boxes and other benefits.

Deferred Compensation

Employees may enroll in a tax- free sheltered investment plan through payroll deduction.

Direct Deposit

Employees may sign up for direct bank deposit.

Employee Assistance Program

Travis County provides a confidential counseling and referral service free of charge to county employees and their family.

Employee Organizations

Membership in the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Union is available through payroll deduction.

Employee Health & Wellness Clinic

Employees may access the clinic for a variety of wellness program and health care services with no co-pay, no deductible and no co-insurance costs.


An average of eleven paid holidays are designated by the Travis County Commissioners Court at the beginning of each fiscal year.


Longevity pay is paid for each year completed after three years of continuous service. Peace Officers in a law enforcement activity, whose job requires state peace officer certification, receive pay after one year of certification.


A limited number of assigned parking spaces are available to employees in the Courthouse Complex.

Personal Holidays

Full-time employees are eligible for up to three paid personal holidays each calendar year. Part-time employees shall be granted personal holidays on a prorated basis. New employees earn personal holidays for the calendar year in which he/she begins employment, based on the month in which employment begins:

January ? March
3 personal holidays
July - September
1 personal holiday
April - June
2 personal holidays
October - December

New employees are eligible to take personal holidays after 90 days of employment.


Travis County is a member of the Texas County & District Retirement System with mandatory participation by certain classes of employees. Seven percent (7%) of the gross salary is deducted each pay period. An employee is fully vested after eight years of service. Benefits are prorated for part-time employees.

Sick Leave

Employees earn sick leave at a rate of eight hours per month with unlimited accrual during employment. Part-time employees earn sick leave on a pro-rated basis.

Tuition Refund

Certain classes of full-time employees may receive reimbursement for fees associated with pre-approved, job related course work completed satisfactorily.


Based on years of county service, full-time employees earn vacation time at the following rates:

0 to 5 years
4.0 hours per pay period
6 to 10 years
4.5 hours per pay period
11 to 15 years
5.0 hours per pay period
16 to 20 years
5.5 hours per pay period
21 plus years
6.0 hours per pay period

Part-time employees earn vacation leave on a pro-rated basis.

Workers' Compensation

The county provides all employees workers' compensation coverage with benefits in accordance with state statute, if the employee sustains an injury out of, or in the course of work.

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