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March 15, 2019
Livingston, Louisiana
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Job Number:420-113334-CC

This vacancy is located at the Department of Public Safety, Office of Motor Vehicles - Region 5in Livingston Parish and may be used to fill positions #17436.


No Civil Service test scoreis required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

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For further information about this vacancy contact:
Cortina Collins
Department of Public Safety
[email protected]


Four years of clerical, law enforcement, or customer service experience. Two years of the required experience must have been in the administration or enforcement of state driver's license or motor vehicle laws.

College training will substitute for the required general experience on the basis of thirty semester hours for one year of experience.

Training in a business school or technical institute will substitute for the required general experience on the basis of one month of training for one month of experience.

May be required to possess a valid Louisiana driver's license at the time of appointment.


Any college hours or degree must be from a school accredited by one of the following regional accrediting bodies: the Middle States Commission on Higher Education; the New England Commission of Higher Education; the Higher Learning Commission; the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Job Concepts

Function of Work:
To supervise a medium motor vehicle office composed of six to fourteen subordinates who issue drivers' licenses, identification cards, license plates and title registrations, or who enforce federal and state laws and policies and procedures pertaining to driving and vehicle registration privileges which involve interviewing applicants and determining compliance or non-compliance with these laws.


To serve as unit supervisor responsible for all program functions and priorities within a unit, and, as such, coordinate program activities with other unit supervisors to ensure the proper administration and enforcement of motor vehicle laws.

Level of Work:

Supervision Received:
General from Motor Vehicle District Manager-Field or Motor Vehicle Manager 2.

Supervision Exercised:
Direct over a Motor Vehicle Compliance Supervisor 1, Motor Vehicle Compliance Analysts 1, 2, and 3, and other lower level Motor Vehicles employees.

Location of Work:
Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicles.

Job Distinctions:
Differs from a Motor Vehicle Office Manager 1 by the responsibility for supervising a medium size field office or a headquarters unit.

Differs from Motor Vehicle Office Manager 3 by the absence of responsibility for supervising a large field office.

Examples of Work

Serves as supervisor of a medium-size field office providing service to the public in obtaining motor vehicle operator's licenses, identification cards, motor vehicle registration plates and certificates of titles.

Supervises, assigns, reviews and evaluates the work of subordinates engaged in the application and enforcement of motor vehicle laws, rules and regulations.

Participates in the interviewing of applicants for, and the issuance of, drivers' licenses, identification cards, and vehicle registrations. Determines the eligibility of applicants for drivers' licenses and the restrictions, if any, to be placed on the license.

Reviews all documents submitted for title transactions and makes sure all necessary documentation is present. Determines the type of license plate required for the motor vehicle based on the vehicle and its intended use.

Determines assessment of fees for international reciprocity agreements on vehicle licenses and on the sales taxes due on licensing transactions for vehicles newly registered in Louisiana.

Performs work of a Motor Vehicle Compliance Analyst 3 in cases presenting problems of licensing or vehicle registration because of the complexity of the transaction or the difficulty of understanding by the applicant.

Requisitions supplies, equipment and license plates, maintains an accurate inventory and prepares reports of inventory.

Provides guidance and instruction on the processing of daily accounting reports.

Prepares reports on office activities.

Keeps attendance and time records and prepares reports of time during the absence of employees.

Interviews for employment and trains new employees.

Recommends disciplinary action of subordinate employees.

Maintains liaisons with local law enforcement officers and car dealers, etc. in dealing with drivers' licenses and motor vehicle registration.

Serves as supervisor of a medium-size Reinstatement Office enforcing laws, policies and procedures pertaining to driving and vehicle registration privileges.

Performs work in accordance with laws, rules and regulations governing the evaluation and processing of automated motor vehicle records relative to suspension, revocation and cancellation of driving and registering privileges, and provides assistance on driver and vehicle records.

Supervises, assigns, reviews and evaluates the work of subordinates engaged in providing specialized services to the public in person relative to revocation and driver control; processes monies received relative to the laws governing the posting of financial bonds, reinstatement of operator licenses, and insurance/status requests; processes or routes to appropriate units legal documents such as petitions, stay or restraining orders, hardship and accident judgments, and administrative hearing requests relative to a suspension, revocation or cancellation of the driving and registering privileges.

Supervises the determination of eligibility for reinstatement of driving and registering privileges.

Performs the work of a Motor Vehicle Compliance Analyst 3 in cases that present problems on documents submitted for reinstatement that deal with re-licensing of the driving and registering privileges.

Trains new employees and advises and assists all employees on laws, rules and regulations, procedures and public contact; interviews prospective applicants for employment.

Recommends disciplinary action of subordinate employees.

Requisitions supplies and equipment as needed, maintains an accurate inventory and prepares reports of office activities and daily transactions.

Serves as Deputy Custodian of Records for the Office of Motor Vehicles and empowered with full and complete authority as custodian of records; certifies documents as official records and testifies in court as to the validity of these records.

Supervises the overall activities of employees engaged in the application and enforcement of motor vehicle laws, rules and regulations. Responsible for program management activities within unit.

Assists in the formulation of policies and procedures.

Sets priorities for unit.

Submits plans and activity reports to Motor Vehicle Manager 2 for budget purposes.

Makes recommendations for legislative, legal, administrative, computer program or personnel changes.

Reviews assignments of Motor Vehicle Compliance Supervisor.

Performs tasks as assigned by Motor Vehicle Manager 2 or higher level administrator.

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