Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration
June 12, 2019
Rochester, Minnesota


<div id="job-source-8" class="job-source-8"> <span class="fas fa-question-circle" title="Help"/> Help </a> <h2 class="usajobs-joa-section__header">Duties</h2> <h3> Summary</h3> <div> <p>This Minneapolis VA Health Care System is currently recruiting for a Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN) to serve at the Rochester Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Rochester, MN. The LPN works under the direction of an RN and reports to the primary care manager.<br/><br/><strong>Work Schedule</strong>: 8:00 to 4:30<br/><strong>Financial Disclosure Report</strong>: Not required</p> Learn more about this agency </a> </div> <h3>Responsibilities</h3> <div id="duties"> <p> <b><u>SCOPE: </u></b> The Licensed Practical Nurse works under the direction of an RN and reports to the primary care manager. The LPN is responsible for observing, recording and reporting changes in the patient's condition, as well as assisting in the development and revision of the patient-driven holistic care plan for life. The LPN is a member of the expanded team. The LPN requires a general review of their work by an RN for appropriateness and conformity with license, policies and procedures. The LPN demonstrates active collaboration and communication with <b>PACT</b> <b>Team</b> (Patient, Primary Care Provider, RN Care Manager and Advanced Medical Support Assistant) and <b>Expanded Team</b> (family/caregiver, internal and community based services involved in providing care to the patient). <br/><br/><b><u>ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITY:</u> </b></p><ol><li>Makes observations and thoroughly documents care and the patient's response. Appropriately seeks assistance and guidance by informing RN or medical provider of changes in the patient's condition requiring higher-level intervention. </li><li>The LPN performs, reports, and records assigned nursing care in the Primary Care Clinics, including, but not limited to:<ol><li>Oxygen therapy</li><li>Medication and immunization administration</li><li>Clinical reminders with appropriate consults and alerts as indicated</li><li>Check expiration dates of meds and supplies</li><li>Delegated procedures and treatments</li><li>Documentation</li><li>Assists with minor procedures, including obtaining and arranging necessary equipment, positioning patient, ensuring comfort and privacy. Monitors patient during the procedure.</li></ol></li><li>Adheres to standards of practice and safe technique in preparation and administration of medication.</li><li>Demonstrates understanding of age- and population-specific characteristics that affect the health care needs of the Veteran. </li><li>Promptly recognizes urgent or emergent patient care situations, seeks assistance and effectively intervenes as directed when appropriate. </li><li>Based on the patient's goals, provides patient and family health education, to include self-management, prevention and wellness. </li><li>Interacts and communicates appropriately with patients and family members.</li><li>Demonstrates professional behavior (i.e., respect, civility, ability to accept constructive criticism), effective communication and interpersonal skills.</li><li>Adheres to principles of infection control, safety, and universal precautions.</li><li>Incumbent possesses knowledge of proper handling and pre-cleaning of reusable medical equipment. </li><li>Demonstrates competence utilizing special equipment needed to perform job duties.</li><li>Follows policy and procedures related to fire and disaster drills, safety and security measures. </li><li>Demonstrates initiative in assisting the core and expanded teams. </li><li>Assists in the orientation and competency validation of students, peers and clerical staff.</li><li> Maintains confidentiality of electronic, written, and/or verbal patient information.</li><li>Maintains a work environment that honors diversity. </li><li>Serves as a resource and advocate in the protection of patient and family rights. </li><li>Completes mandatory reviews, including motivational interviewing, in order to promote patient self management toward individualized life plan of care.</li><li>Supports patient-driven care in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner, using evidence-based principles.</li><li>Promotes patient and personnel safety.</li></ol></div> <div id="travelrequired"> <h3>Travel Required</h3> <p>Not required</p> </div> <div class="usajobs-joa-sub-section"> <div id="supervisory-status" class="usajobs-joa-sub-section__container"> <h5 class="usajobs-joa-sub-section__small-title"> <span rel="tooltip" data-title="Determines if you will be a supervisor."> Supervisory status </span> </h5> <p class="usajobs-joa-sub-section__text"> No </p> </div> <div id="promotion-potential" class="usajobs-joa-sub-section__container"> <h5 class="usajobs-joa-sub-section__small-title"> <span rel="tooltip" data-title="Determines if you will be able to move to the next level within your grade."> Promotion Potential </span> </h5> <p class="usajobs-joa-sub-section__text"> 6 </p> </div> </div> <div><div style="text-align:center"><span><br><a href="" target="_blank">Apply for Job Now</a></span></div></div></div>