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June 12, 2019
Thurston County ? Olympia, Washington


<div id="job-source-10" class="job-source-10"> <div id="details-info" class="tab-pane active"> <dl><dt>Description</dt> <dd><p><br/><br/><img alt="" src="" style="height: 249.0px;width: 1000.0px;"/><br/><br/>TheAGO serves more than 230 state agencies, boards, commissions, colleges and universities, as well as the Legislature and the Governor. The mission of the Office is to deliver the highest quality professional legal services to officials, agencies, and citizens of the state of Washington. The Office is comprised of over 550 attorneys and 700 professional staff. Diversity is critical to the success of the mission of the AGO. It is the recognition, respect, and appreciation of all cultures and backgrounds and the fostering of the inclusion of differences between people. Appreciating, valuing and implementing principles of diversity permits AGO employees to achieve their fullest potential in an inclusive, respectful environment. The core values of the AGO are served by a strong commitment to the value of diversity and by promoting an inclusive workplace.<br/><br/>For more information about the AGO,we encourage you to review the Office's newest Annual Reportwhich can be found HERE</a>andviewTHIS VIDEO</a><strong>.</strong><br/><br/><strong><em><u>The Opportunity</u></em></strong><br/>The Medicaid Fraud Control Division (MFCD) of the Washington State Attorney General's Office is expanding to better serve the people of the State of Washington! As part of this expansion, we have a<strong><u> new</u></strong> Legal Office Assistant position to support the investigation, prosecution and litigation of Medicaid provider fraud as well as abuse and neglect of persons in residential facilities using a full array of civil and criminal remedies. This position is based in the Olympia.<br/><br/>MFCD's headquarters is in Olympia, Washington with regional offices in the AGO's Spokane and Seattle Offices. The Division's expansion adds 6 new staff; bringing us to 58 teammates comprised of attorneys, forensic data and financial analysts, field investigators, and professional support staff. The federally funded and mandated MFCD is dedicated to the mission of deterring provider fraud as well as abuse and neglect in residential facilities.<br/><br/>MFCD is unique in that it involves protecting not only the Medicaid program of roughly 13 billion dollars per annum, but also its most vulnerable persons, typically elderly nursing home patients. In many of our cases, there is no precedent so MFCD is consistently on the cutting edge of legal theories and issues. The cases range from abuse and neglect of persons in nursing homes, large scale organized individual and corporate civil and criminal fraudulent activity to national whistleblower actions. Our staff is a highly professional, fun and seasoned analytical investigative team. MFCD is unique in that all cases have an attorney, investigator and forensic fraud examiner/analyst assigned. This, and the great people who make up the division, gives MFCD a particularly terrific team atmosphere.</p></dd> <dt>Duties</dt> <dd><p>Under the supervision of the Civil Section Legal Assistant 4, this position is responsible for performing complex clerical duties, which include, but are not limited to:</p><ul><li>Answers multi-line phone and directs calls to appropriate division staff, receives and screens clients and the public by phone and in person;</li><li>Provide back-up coverage for Bristol Court's main reception desk.</li><li>Schedule meetings using Microsoft Outlook;</li><li>Schedule office travel and prepare necessary travel approval forms;</li><li>Maintain and troubleshoot various office equipment;</li><li>Using independent judgment, extract and verify case data for accurate and timely data input in agency Case Management System (CMS);</li><li>Open and close case files in legal database while following CMS business rules;</li><li>Receives delivery of legal documents via hand-delivery, mail or electronically and immediately date stamps and routes to the appropriate party;</li><li>Reviews and sorts all incoming documents for proper assignment/distribution and prepares documents for review by division critical event reader;</li><li>Assists with answers to basic or routine questions;</li><li>Timely process payment of invoices following established procedures;</li></ul><br/></dd> <dt>Qualifications</dt> <dd><p>Option 1: High School diploma or equivalent and two years of clerical experience including a minimum of six months of experience in a legal office environment.<br/>Option 2: One year of legal office experience.<br/>Option 3: A combination of two years of college education and/or relevant experience.<br/><br/>The most competitive candidates will possess the following preferred qualifications:</p><ul><li>Experience with multi-line phone systems in a reception/customer service environment</li><li>Experience handling highly sensitive confidential materials</li></ul><br/></dd> <dt>Supplemental Information</dt> <dd><p><strong>A background check consisting of employment history, professional references and educational verification (e.g., degree, license, or official transcript) may be conducted. Prior to any offer, the applicant selected will be required to submit to and pass a fingerprint-based criminal background check conducted by the Washington State Patrol, Criminal Records Division. The incumbent will submit to additional background checks as a condition of employment every five (5) years thereafter. </strong><br/><br/><strong><u>APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS</u></strong><br/><br/>In addition to completing the online application, applicants must attach the following documents to their profile in order to be considered for this position:<br/></p><ul><li>A letter of interest, describing your specific qualifications for the position;</li><li>A current resume detailing experience and education.</li></ul><br/><strong>READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION COMPLETELY:</strong><br/><ul><li>Carefully review your application for accuracy, spelling and grammar before submitting.</li><li>You may not reapply to this posting for 30 days.</li><li>The initial screening of applications will be solely based on the contents and completeness of the "work experience" and "education" sections of your application in</a>, completeness of the application material submitted, and responses to the supplemental questionnaire.</li><li>A resume will not substitute for completing the "work experience" section of the application.</li><li>All information may be verified and documentation may be required.</li></ul><br/><em>Honoring diversity, equity and inclusion means that as an agency, and as individuals, we are committed to ensuring that all employees and volunteers enjoy a respectful, safe and supportive working environment. Only by fostering the inclusion of people from all backgrounds, cultures and attributes, can </em><em>AGO employees and volunteers achieve their fullest potential and best advance the goals and mission of the AGO. </em><br/><br/><em>The AGO is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation/gender identity, age, </em><em>disability, honorably discharged veteran or military status, retaliation </em><em>or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability. Persons requiring reasonable accommodation in the application process or requiring information in an alternative format may contact Tracy Robinson at 360-586-7693. Those with a hearing impairment in need of accommodation are encouraged to contact the Washington Relay Service at 1-800-676-3777 or </em><em></em></a><em>.</em><br/><br/>For questions regarding this recruitment or assistance with the application process, please contact Judith Vandergeest at (360) 586-7691 or [email protected]</a>.<br/><br/>If you are having technical difficulties creating, accessing or completing your application, please call NEOGOV toll-free at (855) 524-5627 or [email protected]</a>.<br/><br/>*************************<br/><br/></dd> </dl></div> <div id="details-benefits" class="tab-pane"> <dl><dd><p/><div><strong><strong>More than Just a Paycheck!</strong></strong></div><div></div><div>Employee benefits are not just about the kind of services you get, they are also about how much you may have to pay out of pocket. Washington State offers one of the most competitive benefits packages in the nation.<br/><br/>We understand that your life revolves around more than just your career and that your priority is making sure that you and your family will maintain health and financial security. That's why choice is a key component of our benefits package. We have a selection of health and retirement plans, paid leave, staff training and other compensation benefits that you can mix and match to meet your current and future needs.</div><div><br/></div><div><strong>Read about our benefits:</strong></div><div></div><div><div><em>The following information describes typical benefits available for full-time employees who are expected to work more than six months.Actual benefits may vary byappointment type or be prorated forother than full-time work. Check with the agency human resource office for specific benefit information.</em></div></div><div><br/><strong><strong>Insurance Benefits</strong></strong></div><div></div><div>Employees and families are covered by medical (including vision), dental and basic life insurance. There are multiple medical plans with affordable monthly premiums that offer coverage throughout the state. Staff are eligible to enroll each year in a medical flexible spending account which enables them to use tax-deferred dollars toward their health care expenses. Employees are also covered by basic life and long term disability insurance, with the option to purchase additional coverage amounts. To view premium rates, coverage choice in your area and how to enroll, please visit the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) website</a>.<br/></div><div><strong>Retirement and Deferred Compensation</strong></div><div></div><div>State Employees are members of the Washington Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS). New employees have the option of two employer contributed retirement programs. For additional information, check out the Department of Retirement Systems</a>' web site.</div><div><strong></strong></div><div>Employees also have the ability to participate in the Deferred Compensation Program </a>(DCP). This is a supplemental retirement savings program (similar to an IRA) that allows you control over the amount of pre-tax salary dollars you defer as well as the flexibility to choose between multiple investment options.</div><div><strong></strong><br/><strong><strong>Vacation (Annual Leave)</strong></strong></div><div></div><div>You begin accruing vacation starting your first month of employment. Since we value your loyalty, the amount of vacation you can accrue increases the longer you work with us. Washington State supports members of the armed forces with 21 days paid military leave per year. Vacation accrues for full-time employees per WAC 357-31-165</a>.<br/><br/><strong><strong>Holidays</strong></strong></div><div></div><div>Full-time employees are entitled to eleven* paid holidays:<br/><div><strong>HOLIDAY</strong></div><div><strong>DATE</strong></div><div>New Year's Day</div><div>January 1</div><div>Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday</div><div>Third Monday in January</div><div>Presidents' Day</div><div>Third Monday in February</div><div>Memorial Day</div><div>Last Monday in May</div><div>Independence Day</div><div>July 4</div><div>Labor Day</div><div>First Monday in September</div><div>Veterans' Day</div><div>November 11</div><div>Thanksgiving Day</div><div>Fourth Thursday in November & Friday after</div><div>Christmas Day</div><div>December 25</div><div>Personal Holiday</div><div>Employee's selection each calendar year</div><br/>*Employees who are members of certain Unions are entitled to an additional personal leave day of their choice.Please refer to specific Collective Bargaining Agreements</a> for more information.</div><div><strong></strong></div><div><strong>Social Security</strong></div><div></div><div>All state employees are covered by the federal Social Security and Medicare systems. The state and the employee pay an equal amount into the system.</div><div></div><div><strong><strong>Sick Leave</strong></strong></div><div></div><div>Full-time employees earn eight hours of sick leave per month. Paid sick leave may be used for reasons included in WAC 357-31-130</a>.</div><div></div><div><div>Please visit the State HR Website</a> for more detailed information.</div></div></dd> </dl></div> <div id="details-questions" class="tab-pane"> <dl><dd> <div class="row-fluid question-item"> <div class="span1 text-right question-index-container"> <span class="question-index required">01</span> </div> <div class="span11 question-container"> <span>1000allclassified. By clicking yes, I acknowledge that if I am the preferred candidate for this position, I will be required to submit to and pass a fingerprint-based criminal background check conducted by the Washington State Patrol (WSP), Criminal Records Division, as a condition of employment and every five (5) years thereafter. Incumbent may also be required to submit to and pass a criminal background check at any time during the period of employment if, in the scope of their employment and assigned duties, they are identified as a witness by an Assistant Attorney General prosecuting a criminal case. By clicking no, I will be removed from further consideration for this position.</span> <ul><li>Yes</li> <li>No</li> </ul></div></div><div class="row-fluid question-item"> <div class="span1 text-right question-index-container"> <span class="question-index required">02</span> </div> <div class="span11 question-container"> <span>1000allClassified: Have you participated, whether as an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, or in any other capacity, in the representation of any party in a matter where the party's interest was materially adverse to that of the State, its agencies, or its officers or employees? If yes, please identify all such matters, including the parties to the matter, the court and cause number of the matter, and your role in the matter. If no, please enter N/A. If you require additional space, please attach additional sheets and indicate your attachment here.</span> <ul/></div></div><div class="row-fluid question-item"> <div class="span1 text-right question-index-container"> <span class="question-index required">03</span> </div> <div class="span11 question-container"> <span>1000allClassified: Have you participated as a judge, arbitrator, mediator, adjudicative officer, or as a law clerk to such a person, in a matter in which the State or any of its agencies, officers, or employees were a party? If yes, please identify all such matters, including the parties to the matter, the court and cause number of the matter, and your role in the matter. If no, please enter N/A. If you require additional space, please attach additional sheets and indicate your attachment here.</span> <ul/></div></div><div class="row-fluid question-item"> <div class="span1 text-right question-index-container"> <span class="question-index required">04</span> </div> <div class="span11 question-container"> <span>1000allClassified: Is there any other matter, person, entity, or personal interest that might present a conflict of interest or otherwise limit your ability to perform work for the Attorney General's Office or represent a state agency, officer, or employee? If yes, please identify such matters, persons, entities, or personal interests with sufficient detail to allow the Attorney General's Office to understand the nature of the potential conflict of interest. You are not required to disclose any pending or contemplated complaint or dispute for which the law allows you to remain anonymous; however, you are responsible for not accepting assignments that would violate conflict of interest or confidentiality provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct or other laws with regard to such matters. If no, please enter N/A. If you require additional space, please attach additional sheets and indicate your attachment here.</span> <ul/></div></div><div class="row-fluid question-item"> <div class="span1 text-right question-index-container"> <span class="question-index ">05</span> </div> <div class="span11 question-container"> <span>1000allClassified. Where did you hear about our job opening?</span> <ul/></div></div> <p> <span class="required">*</span> Required Question </p> </dd> </dl></div><div><div style="text-align:center"><span><br><a href="" target="_blank">Apply for Job Now</a></span></div></div></div>