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March 14, 2019
Kingman, Arizona
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Job Summary

Mohave County Public Works Department is currently recruiting for an Engineering Manager? Road Maintenance (P.E. preferred)

*Position Open Until Filled*

This position is a senior management level class in the Professional Engineering series. Performs professional civil engineering, technical, budgetary, analytical, supervisory, and administrative duties involved in assisting the Public Works Director in managing day-to-day Public Works operations.


Work is performed under the general direction of the Public Works Director. Work is reviewed through direct communication both verbal and written, quality and timeliness of deliverables produced where required under routine and special assignments and results achieved.


As assigned by the Public Works Director, supervision is exercised directly through various Public Works division or staff functional leads over a staff of technical, labor/trades, and/or clerical support staff for operating, maintaining and improvingcivil infrastructure systems including County owned, leased, and/or maintained roads, bridges, road drainage structures, right-of-way, public water systems and buildings and grounds. The employee is expected to exercise initiative and independent judgment in accordance with established policies and procedures and exercise technical and functional supervision of subordinates as required.
Essential Job Functions

  • Plans, directs, organizes, assigns, evaluates, and coordinates the activities of maintenance crews performing maintenance and operations work on County roads and property; establishes short and long range goals and objectives coupled with safety and performance criteria.
  • Conducts inspection, analysis, planning, execution, and evaluation for maintenance, operation, preservation and repair of County roads, traffic control devices, bridges, pavements, road drainage structures, guardrails, cattle guards, concrete sidewalk/curb/gutter and rights-of-way on the Mohave County Inventory of Maintained Roads and county highway system.
  • Plans, directs, organizes, assigns, evaluates, and coordinates traffic control sign fabrication, installation, maintenance, and repair activities, and road striping and pavement marking activities.
  • Directs operation of electronic traffic control devices, traffic signals and appurtenant equipment.
  • Evaluates and directs proper placement and types of signing required as per adopted standards and established policies.
  • Maintains adequate inventory of signs available for use by County staff during emergencies.
  • Plans, assigns, executes, and evaluates maintenance and repair of asphalt and concrete roads including patching, crack sealing, chip sealing, aggregate base and subgrade repair, and level course and asphalt millings applications.
  • Plans, assigns, executes, and evaluates maintenance and repair of unpaved gravel roads including blading and drainage, aggregate haul and placement, and water haul.
  • Plans, assigns, executes, and evaluates routine inspection, maintenance, and repair of road appurtenances including traffic control sign and striping, drainage structures and systems, guardrails, cattle guards, and sidewalks.
  • Ensures adequate equipment and personnel resources for scheduled work.
  • Develops and implements quality control and quality assurance practices for delivery of work and services.
  • Develops and implements quantitative performance monitoring measures.
  • Provides supervision and direction to supervisors, crewleaders, and crews on technical problems and complex tasks.
  • Prepares plans, specifications, schedules, and estimates for Public Works road maintenance and operations projects including equipment, material, and supply schedules.
  • Prepares specifications, negotiates with vendors, and makes purchasing recommendations on materials, supplies, and equipment as needed; ensures purchased materials, supplies, and equipment is of proper quality/quantity and obtained at minimum cost.
  • Prepares and implements maintenance and protection of traffic plans.
  • Identifies and solves utility and encroachment conflicts with road maintenance, operations, preservation, and repair work.
  • Develops, permits, and manages operation of County material pits for sand, gravel, and rock production in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Receives and investigates citizen service comments, advises Public Works Director of repairs needed, and follows up to ensure that service comments are resolved satisfactorily.
  • Communicates in writing and verbally with the public concerning service comments and Road Division and Traffic Control Division operations and functions.
  • Develops and implements practices to ensure safe and efficient operation of construction equipment and vehicles.
  • Prepares Road Division and Traffic Control Division annual budgets and manages expenditures to available, approved budget.
  • Identifies, develops, and implements workplace safety training; manages workplace and field work site safety practices to adopted policies, standards, and applicable laws and regulations; ensures diligent worker use of required personal protective equipment.
  • Prepares permit applications and supporting technical documents as required by local, state, and federal jurisdictional agencies and necessary to maintain and operate road infrastructure systems inclusive of but limited to Bureau of Land Management, United State Army Corps of Engineers, United State and Arizona Department of Transportation.
  • Prepares multi-year preventive maintenance programs, including funding estimates for program delivery.
  • Prepares and maintains accurate records, correspondence, technical and narrative reports on work performed.
  • Administers retention of essential records depicting the design, operation, maintenance, and construction of road infrastructure systems.
  • Organizes and participates in regular meetings with supervisors, crewleaders, and personnel as well as actively coordinate inter-division and inter-department work orders as required.
  • Performs all liaison activities in a professional manner to ensure maximum cooperation between and among County and other agencies.
  • Prepares Request for Proposals and Invitation for Bids, analyzes and evaluates the scope and cost of contractor submittals, interviews, recommends selection, assists in negotiating contractual agreements and prepares final contract and award recommendations for construction and consultant services.
  • Performs complex analytical work; ensures compliance with all current and applicable codes, regulations, standards and specifications for road maintenance and operation projects.
  • Performs contract administration for the delivery of construction services.
  • Attends and participates in pre-bid and pre-construction conferences for potential bidders, contractors and vendors providing explanations, clarifying construction elements, contract requirements and requisite document submittals.
  • Monitors adopted County engineering standards and federal, state, and local laws, regulations, ordinances, and codes and makes recommendations and technical and procedural modifications to comply with future updates.
  • Provides information and presentations to the public, contractors, engineers, developers, and representatives of other governmental agencies.
  • Prepares work schedules and assignments; supervises the activities of assigned personnel; monitors reports and record keeping activities filed by assigned personnel for completeness, accuracy, and adherence to policy and procedure guidelines; issues written and oral instructions; instructs personnel in departmental policies, procedures and techniques, and provides training.
  • Completes performance plans and evaluations; recommends disciplinary actions; approves vacations and time off; may make hiring recommendations.
  • Assists in developing and preparing Department and division goals, objectives, policies and procedures.
  • Represents the Public Works Director in dealings with other governmental jurisdictions,COGsandMPOs, other County Departments and Divisions, the general public, contractors and consulting engineers regarding transportation, civil infrastructure systems and right-of-way planning, development, and operation.
  • Attends meetings and conferences.
  • Performs related work as required.
  • Performs special assignments as requested.
Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in civil engineering or a closely related field
  • Five (5) years of increasingly responsible experience in one of the above assignment areas, coupled with two (2) or more years supervisory or administrative experience in one of the above assignment areas.
  • Must be licensed as a Professional Civil Engineer and be registered in the State of Arizona within six (6) months of appointment to the position except under Facilities and Road Maintenance and Operations areas of responsibility whereas professional registration in the State of Arizona represents a preference.
  • Must possess a valid driver's license for operation of motor vehicles on Arizona roads at the start of employment and maintain said license while employed in this position.
  • Must provide acceptable driving history at no cost to the County.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge of:
  • Modern methods, principles and practices of civil engineering design, operations analysis, and construction management with emphasis on one of the above assignment areas.
  • Effective design and construction project development, scheduling, and monitoring.
  • Effective research, data collection, analysis, evaluation and reporting techniques.
  • Principles and practices of administration, supervision, scheduling, budgeting, training and evaluation, and public relations.
  • Principles, methods and practices for preparing, negotiating, coordinating and administering contracts, agreements and Request for Proposals and Invitation for Bids.
  • Principles and practices for emergency response planning, implementation, and resource management as per the Incident Command System.
  • Current laws, ordinances and State and Federal procurement, construction and work site safety regulations.
  • Grant preparation.
Skill in:
  • Performing engineering calculations and design pertinent to areas of responsibility.
  • Project development, review, research and problem solving.
  • Identifying and resolving operational, procedural, contractual and personnel problems and issues.
  • Effectively and efficiently administering contracts, agreements and managing multiple projects.
  • Organizing work assignments and methods of project planning.
  • Budgeting and financial accounting procedures.
  • Utilizing computer systems and applications in the performance of work assignments and public works engineering functions, such as MS Office applications, project management and scheduling applications, and engineering analysis and graphic design applications.
  • Principles of customer service and public relations and of effective office and public communications both orally and in writing.
Ability to:
  • Understand, interpret and apply pertinent Federal, State, local and departmental laws, rules, regulations, codes, standards, policies, procedures, and technical materials encountered in the performance of assignments.
  • Apply independent judgment in the analysis of assigned engineering projects and formulate and write recommendations, plans, specifications and proposals.
  • Interpret legal descriptions and documents, maps, construction plans and other technical documents related to areas of responsibility.
  • Plan, organize and administer design and construction contracts, budgets and projects within prescribed budgetary requirements and established policies.
  • Collect, compile, and analyze technical data and calculations and convert them into operations assessments and plans and specifications.
  • Estimate construction and material costs.
  • Manage and perform work supporting preliminary engineering design, final design, environmental clearances, utility clearances, and right-of-way clearances.
  • Make detailed inspections of the quality of work performed and answer technical problems related to maintenance, repair and construction activities.
  • Plan and organize work to meet daily and periodic objectives.
  • Work independently in completing assigned tasks and in maintaining complete and accurate records and other documentation accurately and legibly in a clear and concise manner.
  • Exercise sound judgment and discretion in making decisions and in administering established policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Analyze administrative, organizational and personnel situations and determine appropriate or alternative actions.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with those contacted within the course of work.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Prepare and effectively present oral and written reports, recommendations, and agenda items to the Public Works Director, Board of Supervisors, staff, organizations, and the general public.
  • Respond effectively to a variety of changing situations.
  • Perform the essential functions of the job specifications with or without a reasonable accommodation.

Mohave County provides two options for Self Insured Medical Plan, paid by Employee & Employer, to regular employees (employees who work at least 30 hours per week). Both plan options utilize the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona for in Arizona coverage, plus the Aetna Choice POS II network for out of Arizona coverage; when you need medical care, select a provider from the directory and verify the provider's current status as a network provider. The medical plans include pharmacy benefits.

  • Summary Plan Description
  • PLAN 1: Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Plan Deductible $1,000 per person deductible. Calendar Year Out of Pocket Maximum per Single Coverage is $6,300 and $12,700 for Family Coverage.
  • PLAN 2: High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) $3,000 maximum Out of Pocket for Single Coverage and $6000 maximum Out of Pocket maximum for Family

Out of Pocket Maximum includes medical Deductible, medical Copays,Prescription Drug Deductible and Copays.


Teladoc is a healthcare option available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year for non-emergent medical conditions.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

This voluntary benefit is available to all regular employees working at least 30 hours per week. This pre-tax option will reduce taxable income.
  • Health care reimbursement account: up to $2,550 per year
  • Dependent daycare reimbursement account: up to $5,000 per year

Health Savings Account (HSA)

This voluntary benefit is available to all qualified employees who are on the High Deductible Health Plan. This pre-tax option will reduce taxable income. You may elect to contribute up to the full 2018 annual limit:
  • $3,450 max employee contribution for Single coverage
  • $6,900 max employee contribution for Family coverage.


Dental insurance is available to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week through Delta Dental.
  • High Option: $2,000 maximum annual benefit.High Option includes orthodontia benefit with lifetime maximum of $1,500.
  • Low Option: $2,000 maximum annual benefit.


Vision insurance is available to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week through EyeMed Vision Care. EyeMed offers access to a broad network of independent providers as well as access to out-of-network providers.
Short Term Disability
Coverage is through The Standard

Short-Term Disability (STD) is insurance that replaces some of your income if an injury or illness prevents you from working. Provided by Mohave County.

Employee Assistance Program(EAP)

Coverage is through The Holman Group to all Mohave County employees.

EAP is to help employees deal with personal problems that often impact job performance, health and well-being.

Life Insurance
Coverage is through Standard Life Insurance

  • Basic Life Insurance / Accidental Death & Dismemberment of $50,000
  • Provided by Mohave County to regular employees working at least 30 hours per week

Optional / Voluntary Benefits

Payroll deductions are available for the following Optional / Voluntary Benefits:
  • Supplemental Life Insurance is available through The Standard Life Insurance Company for employees, spouse and dependent children.
  • Tax Deferred Compensation Plan 457: this option is voluntary and available to all employees through ICMA-RC or Nationwide.

Retirement Systems / Long-Term Disability
Mohave County is a participating agency in these retirement systems:

  • (ASRS) Arizona State Retirement System: Employees working at least 20 hours per week for 20 weeks or more.
  • Correction Officers Retirement Plan:
  • (CORP): Employees in Adult Detention positions with Sheriff's Office
  • (AOC-CORP): Juvenile Detention and Adult Probation (Superior Court)
  • (PSPRS):Public Safety Personnel Retirement System: Employees in certain positions with the Sheriff's Office.

Additional Benefits
The following additional benefits are available to all regular employees:

  • 11 Paid Holidays
  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Paid Time Off ? vacation/sick time
  • Pre-tax deduction plan
  • Bereavement Leave
These materials were created to help you understand the benefits available to you. This is not a Summary Plan Description and is not intended to replace the benefit summaries or schedule of benefits contained within the Plan. If any provision of these materials is inconsistent with the language of the Plan, the language of the Plan will govern.