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March 13, 2019
Kankakee, Illinois
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Responsible for coordinating the college's Career Services Office; assists with the promotion and delivery of career service activities to current and prospective students, alumni, area employers and the general public; works collaboratively with various grant-funded programs as required.

Examples of Duties

A. Coordinates job placement services designed to assist students, alumni, community members and area employers.

B. Supervises the department's development and maintenance of electronic files, databases and college central website. Maintains a collaborative relationship with the Workforce Services Division for information exchange, data reporting, and tracking of job and employer leads to identify potential candidates.

C. Meets with business and industry representatives to identify and develop employment opportunities for college students and graduates. Conducts follow-up activities with employers on their perceptions, needs and reasons for hiring or not hiring our students and graduates.

D. Makes necessary arrangements to provide human resource managers and recruiters with conference space to interview students, clients and graduates seeking employment.

E. Directs and guides students on resume writing, interviewing and job search skills.

F. Develops, coordinates and promotes all functions related to student internships, apprenticeships and work-based learning initiatives. Monitors student performance though skill attainment as measured by employer assessments.

G. Organizes and hosts both sector-based and spring/fall job fairs for employers, students, alumni and community members.

H. Designs and implements career services workshops that include resume and cover letter development, interviewing techniques and job search strategies.

I. Collaborates and promotes internship and job shadowing opportunities to employers, faculty and students.

J. Awards digital badges to students, alumni and community members as earned.

K. Establishes and maintains a monthly reporting process that summarizes student placements, use of services and department outreach and activities.

L. Develops and implements strategies for increasing placement of KCC students and alumni in full-time, part-time and career-related positions.

M. Develops in collaboration with KCC's Marketing department brochures, department materials, campus displays, and updates the Career Services webpage.

N. Serves as a member of the Continuing Education team to advance department wide initiatives and related projects such as job fairs, recruiting events and workshops. Attends meetings on and off campus; represents the college as a speaker or presenter in high schools, service clubs, at community events, and other activities of a similar nature.

O. Schedules day and evening hours to meet the scheduling needs of students, alumni, community members and employers.

P. Partners with Adult Education and Student Services on various initiatives designed to help students select an appropriate career path.

Q. Builds and maintains positive relationships with faculty and other College personnel and departments to assist students with career services and campus referrals.

R. Maintains career services job boards with current employment and internship opportunities.

S. Attends quarterly Chicago Career Professionals Network meeting.

T. Maintains working relationships with Goodwill, WIOA, KCCSI, Salvation Army and other assistive organizations that offer resources to community members.

U. Attends KCC's advisory meetings to promote the services available to employers.

Other Responsibilities

A. Performs other duties as requested by the Asst. Dean of CECS.

B. Responds to the functions of the position in an environmental setting, which might include cold, heat, odor, dampness, dirt, fumes, dust, oil, grease, noise, or vibration on a frequent basis. Appropriate protective devices are available as required.

Minimum Qualifications

A. Bachelor's degree required in psychology, counseling, student services, career/technical education, or related field; master's degree preferred.

B. Experience in advising, job development and counseling preferred.

C. Experience as a DACUM facilitator and/or WorkKeys Profiler or willingness to attend training.

D. Experience in career planning and job placement services, vocational education, community college, or higher education administrative experience preferred.

E. Qualified candidate must have strong oral and written communication skills, computer experience with Microsoft office or comparable software applications.

KCC offers a comprehensive benefit package for full-time employees including: health insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, flexible spending accounts, buy-up life insurance & accidental death and dismemberment protection, retirement/pension through SURS, 403 (b) voluntary participation, sick leave, vacation days, holidays, a dental/optical reimbursement program, and tuition reimbursement/reduction.

After reviewing the job description can you perform the essential functions of the job with or without an accommodation?

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  • No
KCC is a well-known and respected business partner in our community. Our mission and five core values are paramount. One of the five core values is Integrity. That being said, have you ever been terminated, placed on leave, or not had your employment contract renewed for illegal, unethical, or immoral behavior which would contradict our value of integrity?

  • Yes
  • No
If yes, please explain:

    Do you have experience in career planning and job placement services, vocational education, community college, or higher education administrative?

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    • No
    Indicate your highest "conferred" degree. (transcript or diploma of highest degree will need to be presented at time of interview)

    • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
    • Some college credits
    • Certificate
    • Associate's degree
    • Bachelor's degree
    • Master's degree
    • Doctorate
    • None
    Describe your area of study.

      Is your Bachelor's degree in psychology, counseling, student services, career/technical education or a related field?

      • Psychology
      • Counseling
      • Student personnel
      • Assessment
      • Other related field
      • None of the above
      Which best describes your level of oral and written communication skills.

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      • Below Average
      • Very Poor
      Computer experience:

      • MS Word or comparable application
      • MS Excel or comparable application
      • MS Power Point or comparable application
      • MS Access or comparable application
      • MS Outlook or comparable application

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