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February 7, 2019
Janesville, Wisconsin
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Position Summary and Job Duties

The purpose of this position is to assist in the management of the overall day-to-day operations and personnel of the Public Health Department to assure the successful achievement of the department's vision, mission, and program objectives. The Assistant Director promotes and supports population health in Rock County by providing senior management, leadership and public health expertise. This position promotes individual and population public health by providing the essential services of public health within a variety of settings, ensures compliance with a broad range of current local health and environmental codes, regulations and policies; participates in multi-faceted community health and environmental projects; and providing technical assistance and information to individuals, families and groups regarding public health and environmental issues. The Assistant Director provides mentoring, supervision and technical assistance to all staff. Work is performed under the general direction of the Public Health Director. Position assumes all duties of the Public Health Director in her/his absence and supervises in conjunction with Director, all employees within the department.

Under general supervision and/or as part of various workgroups and teams, the Assistant Public Health Director performs the following essential functions within the framework of Rock County Health Department's provision of the core functions and essential services of public health:

Public Health Sciences

1. Provides public health expertise and leadership to the Department.

2. Assures that the delivery of public health services are evidence-based and/or best practices, and build the scientific basis of public health.

3. Ensures compliance with relevant state public health practice guidelines, community standards of care, and Federal and State laws and regulations

4. Assures a safe working environment in the Department through management oversight of the implementation of relevant standards set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, state laws and County policy.

5. Organizes and leads response teams to prevent, minimize, and contain adverse health events and conditions resulting from communicable diseases; food-, water-, and vector-borne outbreaks; chronic diseases; environmental hazards; injuries; and health disparities.

6. Uses public health surveillance/disease investigation methods in community outreach, screening, and case finding of communicable and infectious diseases that threaten the health of the community.

7. Oversees in development and delivery of programs and activities for individuals, families and population groups that promote health and prevent disease, in settings including, but not limited to all Health Department buildings/sites, homes, community organizations and businesses, schools, and the community in general.

8. Evaluates outcomes of public health interventions; works with the department to make changes as necessary.

9. Collaborates in the development of and contributes to individual, team, and Departmental quality improvement, performance management and evaluation activities.

Community Dimensions of Practice
1. Provides leadership to the community health needs assessment prioritization and action planning processes, contributing expertise in public health assessment.
2. Provides leadership to the implementation of the community health plan.
3. Collaborates in development and leadership of community workgroups and committees related to community health assessment, prioritization and action planning and implementation.
4. Evaluates the effectiveness of adopted community engagement strategies.
5. Serves on inter-jurisdictional or multi-agency committees involved in public health policy development; coordinate review/comment processes for proposed policy documents; establish and maintain contact with various community organizations.
6. Advocates on behalf of vulnerable individuals and populations; participates in assessing and evaluating health care services to ensure that people are informed of available programs and services and are assisted in the utilization of those services.
7. Collaborates and Participates in Rock County Health Department research and demonstration projects that seek to improve the health of communities and determine new ways to address health issues.
8. Provides training and orientation to staff, students and other health and human service professionals in the community regarding environmental public health practices.

Analysis and Assessment
1. Assists in the implementation of community assessment; can distinguish between quantitative and qualitative community assessment data; understands incidence and prevalence data; knows how to access basic community epidemiological data.
2. Participates in the analysis of data to identify trends, health problems, environmental health hazards, and social and economic conditions that adversely affect the public's health.
3. Conducts comprehensive reviews of scientific evidence related to public health issues, concerns, and interventions.
4. Presents and interprets demographic, statistical, programmatic, and scientific information to professional and lay audiences.

Leadership and Systems Thinking

1. Provides leadership to the Public Health Department as the assistant director and member of that leadership team. Provides leadership to, and is responsible for, the fiscal, human resource and operational management of the Rock County Health Department. This includes: Assisting the Director in directing and supervising staff including Program Leads, Professional staff, and Clerical Support Staff by utilizing leadership/supervision skills of motivating, coaching, mentoring and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Facilitates several program meetings and assures proper follow through of all program staff. In absence of or in conjunction with Director, interviews and recommends selection of new employees; plans, coordinates, assigns, and reviews work; conducts performance planning and evaluations; acts on problems and concerns; approves leave.
2. Promotes and facilitates the incorporation of Departmental core values and strategic initiatives into daily service delivery.
3. Fosters a work environment where continuous quality improvements in service and professional practice are pursued
4. Foster's and assists in the development of the Department's Grant objectives, business plans and work plans.
5. Supervises assigned staff and assures their professional development through continuing education, training and leadership development activities.
6. Provides educational experiences for undergraduate and graduate students in nursing, environmental health and public health.
7. Demonstrates knowledge of applicable state professional practice guidelines for registered professional nurses, the American Nurses' Association Scope and Standards of Practice for Public Health Nursing any other Federal and State laws and regulations applicable to practice as an public health nursing professional.
8. Adheres to applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, such as those concerning exposure to blood borne pathogens, toxic substances, airborne pathogens or exposure to other hazards during routine assignments or assignments during public health emergencies.
9. Collaborates in developing a work environment where performance management, continuous quality improvements in professional practice is pursued.
10. Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development by pursuing education, participating in professional committees and work groups

Policy Development and Program Planning
1. Coordinates public health activities with environmental and public health professionals and investigators from other agencies and jurisdictions, including, but not limited to, the Wisconsin Division of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
2. Coordinates activities among and between other governmental agencies, such as the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, that enforce laws and regulations that protect the public's health.
3. Collaborates in the development of evidence-based public health practices and programs in collaboration with universities, other nursing agencies, businesses, trade associations, other staff and the public.
4. Collaborates in the development, implementation, tracking, and evaluation of long and short range policies, procedures, plans and programs for public health in Rock County.
5. Collaborates in and contributes to individual, team, and Departmental performance management, quality improvement and evaluation activities.

Communication and Cultural Competency
1. Collaborates in the development and implementation of the Rock County Communications plan to promote evidenced based public health communication strategies across the Department and in the community.
2. Delivers targeted, culturally-appropriate information to help individuals and groups understand local public health policies, regulations and code.
3. Utilizes appropriate methods for interacting effectively and professionally with persons of all ages and from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, lifestyles and physical abilities. Examples of methods may be: one on one, group sessions, media interviews, story boards, website and face book.
4. Educates local and state policy makers and community stakeholders on public health issues.
5. Adheres to ethical principles and Rock County Health Department policy in the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of data and information.
6. Assists Public Health Director with coordinating marketing/media efforts of the department.
7. Educates local and state policy makers and community stakeholders on public health issues.

Financial Planning and Management
1. Assists Public Health Director in monitoring and overseeing budget activity including recommending modifications when needed; approves purchase requests and expenditures.
2. Prepares proposals for funding from externals sources.
3. Assists Public Health Director with the supervision of the purchase, arrangement, and repair of all department equipment.
4. Uses cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, and cost-utility analysis in programmatic prioritization and decision making.
1. Performs public health emergency response duties as assigned and consistent with job classification and training provided, in response to threats to the public's health.
2.This position is responsible, in partnership with the Public Health Director, for reviewing and updating public health emergency plans.
3.Participates in Department and community emergency response training and drills consistent with job classification in support of public health emergency and disaster preparedness.
4.This position will be responsible for strategic planning, using quality improvement (QI) and performance management (PM) processes and/or techniques to improve the effectiveness of the respective public health program. This includes, but is not limited to: creating, implementing, and evaluating performance standards and identifying, implementing, and assessing program quality improvement processes.
5.Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development by pursuing education, participating in professional committees and work groups and contributing to a work environment where continual improvements in practice are pursued.
6.Performs other duties as assigned consistent with job classification.

Success Factors (KSA's)

Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills
Proficiency in recruitment, orientation, training, operational, evaluation, management, and supervision principles, methodologies, tools, and techniques.
Proficiency in human relations, problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, decision making, critical and analytical thinking skills.
Proficiency in team building, group facilitation, leadership, and development of supervisory trust and capacity within the Division, across the Department, and among community partners.
Proficiency in the principles of mentoring, peer advising and coaching for public health workforce development.
Public Health Sciences Skills
Proficiency in delivering and supervising environmental public health interventions in a local health department setting
Proficiency in relating environmental and public health science skills to the Core Public Health Functions and Essential Services of Public Health.
Proficiency in basic methods of epidemiology, disease prevention, environmental health, health promotion, behavioral change, group process, community/organizational development and methods of instruction; public information and mass media methods; data analysis and research methods; marketing principles, public information and mass media and methods of instruction.
Proficiency in applying relevant federal, state and local environmental health regulations and safety procedures for assigned public health activities.
Proficiency in identifying occupational and environmental hazards and in applying and assuring relevant worker safety procedures.
Community Dimensions of Practice Skills
Proficiency in facilitating collaboration and partnerships to ensure participation of key stakeholders and improve public health.
Proficiency in using group processes to advance community involvement.
Proficiency in distinguishing and facilitating the role of governmental and non-governmental organizations in the development of partnerships and the delivery of community health services through the participation of key stakeholders.

Analysis and Assessment Skills
Proficiency in the identification of population health status and determinants of health and in the use of methods and instruments for collecting valid qualitative and quantitative data.
Proficiency in the interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data, making accurate community-specific inferences based on this interpretation, and using data to address scientific, political, ethical, and social public health issues.
Proficiency in adhering to and assuring ethical principles in the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of data and information.
Proficiency in quality improvement principles and application of the public health standards.
Policy Development and Program Planning Skills
Proficiency in managing required public health processes and interventions.
Proficiency in program assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
Proficiency in applying public health principles; applying knowledge of public health interventions, laws, regulations and policy processes; and implementing best practices.
Proficiency in policy development, feasibility analysis, incorporating policies into program plans and structures, and policy evaluation and impact analysis.
Communication and Cultural Competency Skills
Proficiency in applying communication and group dynamic strategies in interactions with individuals and groups and incorporating strategies for interacting with persons from diverse backgrounds.
Proficiency in teaching methods and techniques for presenting material and engaging a wide variety of audiences in learning experiences including but not limited to group process and facilitation; print and electronic educational materials; and formal presentations using a wide range of audio visual equipment.
Proficiency in assuring that cultural, social, and behavioral factors play a significant role in the accessibility, availability, and delivery of public health services.
Proficiency in communicating in writing and orally, in person, and through electronic means, with linguistic and cultural proficiency.
Financial Planning and Management Skills
Proficiency in developing, monitoring, modifying, and reporting for budgets and other fiscal resources in alignment with Department and County policies and procedures.
Proficiency in negotiating the use of key community resources and assets.
Proficiency in managing purchasing and fiscal processes.
Other Skills
Valid Wisconsin driver's license, current certificate of vehicle insurance, and access to reliable transportation to all assigned work locations.
Proficiency in use of intermediate computer skills: email, word processing, use of spreadsheets established databases and spreadsheets, presentation and publisher software, and internet searches.
Proficiency in use of current Department and program-specific required databases within three (3) months.
Ability to take after-hours on-call, work longer shifts, nights, and weekends to meet operational needs as determined by the Director.
Due to the need for all Health Department personnel to respond to public health emergencies, the employee must be assessed for his/her ability to meet the physical demands of performing the following activities:
1. Must be able to be fitted and wear NIOSH 95 mask.
2.Engage in the following movements: Climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, standing, walking, lifting, fingering, grasping, feeling and writing and repetitive motions.
3.Exert up to 30 pounds of force occasionally, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.
4.Hearing ability sufficient enough to communicate with others effectively in person and over the phone
5.Visual ability must be sufficient enough to read typewritten documents, computer screen and drive a car.

If unable to demonstrate these abilities based upon a standardized, objective assessment performed by external occupational health professionals, all reasonable accommodations will be made, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and any other applicable Federal and Wisconsin law.

Job Requirements, Education, Training & Experience

Education, Licensure, Certifications, Experience
Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Public Health, Epidemiology, or other health related field required.
Master's degree required, MPH preferred.
Five (5) years progressive public health experience
Three (3) years of leading community initiatives and/or facilitating teams focused on public health issues.
Five (5) years supervisory experience
Experience in Performance Management Public Health Accreditation, Quality Improvement, Strategic Planning, Community Health Improvement Planning, Communicable Disease follow up, Health hazard Investigations and Foodborne/Waterborne outbreaks preferred.
National Incident Management System (NIMS)/Incident Command System (ICS) 100, 200, 300, 400 and 700.a certification within six (6) months of employment.
CPR certification within four (4) months of employment (provided by employer).
Valid Wisconsin driver's license, current certificate of vehicle insurance, and access to reliable transportation to all assigned work locations.

Essential Job Functions (physical elements, equipment and working conditions)

Work Environment:

General office setting in the department facilities, as well as community sites including clients' homes and workplaces.

Work performed in the community is sometimes subject to conditions that range from inclement weather to dangerous conditions such as snow/ice, cold, heat, noise, wetness/humidity, vibration, sudden temperature changes, and poor illumination at the job site or due to travel on the job. Travel to and from field locations may subject worker to increased risk of driving hazards. Community locations may subject worker to communicable diseases, insects and other disease vectors, toxins, hazardous materials, chemicals and animals.

In all settings, employees in this classification may occasionally need to relate to members of the public who exhibit challenging, atypical or hostile behaviors and/or communication.


Computer, Fax, copier, personal or county vehicle, public health and medical equipment and supplies related to duties.

Rock County, Wisconsin
Facts and Benefits Highlights
Rock County historic and cultural attractions:
Rock County is located in south Central Wisconsin along the Illinois border. The County has a population of 161,188 making it the ninth largest County in Wisconsin. Janesville, Wisconsin (pop. 64,009) is the county seat. Janesville is located on the I39/90 corridor, forty miles south of Madison, seventy-six miles west of Milwaukee and about two hours from Chicago.
Rock County's many historic and cultural attractions include the City of Evansville historic district, Beloit College (an acclaimed liberal arts institution located in the City of Beloit) and the City of Janesville's Rotary Botanical Gardens andTallmanHouse (an exceptional example of Italian villa style architecture from the mid 1850's).
The Cities of Janesville and Beloit have a combined symphony orchestra, as well as individual performing arts centers. The Rock County Fair andRiverfestare regional cultural celebrations held every summer in the Cities of Janesville and Beloit respectively. These Cities both have extensive park and open space networks, including portions of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, a Statewide trail commemorating the State's geologic history. Additionally, the Rock River runs through these Cities, offering many recreational opportunities.

? Salary:

Employees are paid every two weeks on Friday (26 checks in a year). Paychecks are directly deposited in the employee's bank account. There is a two week delay between the pay period worked and the payday. New employees generally wait four weeks before they receive their first check.

? Vacation:

Employees receive vacation based upon the work group/bargaining unit their job class is assigned to. See attached Appendix A for more information.

? Holidays:

Most employees receive the following holidays: 1) New Year's Day; 2) Spring Holiday to be observed the Friday immediately preceding Easter; 3) Memorial Day; 4) July 4th; 5) Labor Day; 6) Thanksgiving Day; 7) Friday after Thanksgiving Day; 8) Day before Christmas; 9) Christmas Day; and l0) one Floating Holiday of the Employee's choice. For a list of holidays in the law enforcement units see their Collective Bargaining Agreements.

? Health Insurance including our Wellness component:

The County is self-insured and offers a network of health care providers through the Alliance Network, which includes: 90 hospitals; 7,000 medical doctors; 13,500 total professional service providers; 3,400 medical clinic sites; 420 chiropractic clinic sites; 580 mental health clinic sites; and 1000 home care agency locations. Pharmacy services are provided byNavitus.

The Alliance is a cooperative of more than 240 self-funded employers in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. The Alliance was started in 1990 and has three goals - moving health care forward by controlling costs, improving quality, and engaging individuals in their health care.

When an employee resigns from County employment, their health insurance ends at 11:59 p.m. on their last day. When an employee retires from County employment, their health insurance ends at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month.

Employees who retire from County service may choose to stay on our health insurance plan at their own cost after retirement.

? Sick Leave:

Employees earn one day (8 hours) of sick leave for every month they work. Employees can use the sick leave after completing six months of service. Sick leave can be accumulated to a maximum of 130 days (1040 hours) for employees and 150 days for employees in law enforcement units. Employees in certain job classes are able to receive a pay out of a portion of their accumulated sick leave (generally after ten years or more of continuous employment).

? Dental Plan:

The County offers a dental plan through Delta Dental and will pay 60% of the applicable
premium for the lowest cost plan. Employees can enroll within the first 30 days of
employment, after that there is an annual open enrollment period in the fall.

? Vision Plan:

The County offers a vision plan which employees can enroll in at their own cost. Employees
can enroll within the first 30 days of employment, after that there is an annual open enrollment
period in the fall.

? Life Insurance:

The County provides term life insurance through the State of Wisconsin Plan. Employees can purchase insurance in increments based on their salary, up to five times their salary. The County will contribute 20% of the cost for the first increment only - one times the employee's salary. Employees can also purchase coverage for their spouse and/or children.

? Deferred Compensation:

Employees can participate in one of several deferred compensation plans (Nationwide, Wisconsin Deferred Comp, and Security Benefits) at their own cost.

? Flexible Spending Account (Medical and Dependent Care):

Effective January 1, 2014 employees can put up to $2,550 into a flexible spending account through EBC (Employee Benefits Corporation) to pay for their own non-reimbursed medical care expenses. Employees can also put in up to $5,000 for dependent care accounts. This is a pre-tax deduction for the employee. If employees do not use all of their funds one year, they can carry over up to $500 and add it to their $2,550 maximum for the next year. If you leave County employment, you have ninety (90) days to submit expenses incurred prior to your last day.

? Tuition Reimbursement:

Employees may be granted leave to further their education if it is determined to be in the best interest of the County.

? Retirement:

Rock County participates in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). Employee who have questions about their retirement benefits should contact WRS. What an employee receives at retirement is dependent upon a number of factors ? age, length of service, salary.

Rock County and the employee make equal contributions to the Wisconsin Retirement System on behalf of the employer. The contribution rate is addressed in the employment letter.

Employees in protective status have the percentage contributions defined in their respective collective bargaining units.

? Bereavement Leave:

In the event of a death an employee may be excused from work without loss of pay for up to a maximum of thirty-two (32) hours annually for the purpose of attending a wake, visitation, memorial service, funeral, or make necessary arrangements regarding the death, within a reasonable time after the occurrence.

If additional time is required beyond the thirty-two (32) hours annually, an employee may request to use accumulated vacation, holiday or comp-time. Sick leave cannot be used.
Bereavement leave cannot be accrued from one year to the next.
Bereavement leave can be used in increments of quarter hours.
All leaves under this section shall be prorated based upon the employee's FTE. Personnel Ordinance 18.509.

? EAP:

The County provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for employees to use for all kinds of personal and professional assistance. In the case of counseling, professional counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An employee can establish a relationship with a counselor over the phone or set up an in-person appointment with a counselor in the area. The EAP program will pay for up to three visits.

? Parking:

The County provides free parking at all of its facilities.

? Smoking:

All County buildings are smoke free. By County Ordinance anyone visiting or working in any County building is prohibited from smoking closer than 30 feet from any building entrance. The Ordinance also makes the entire Rock Haven Nursing Home a smoke free "campus."

Administrative Policy & Procedure Manual
Section: Human Resources
Policy: Vacation Schedules
Policy No: 5.47
Effective: 1/1/2016
Revising: 1/1/2014

The Unilateral Vacation Schedule can be found in the Rock County Ordinance 18.506

The following language only applies to employees who are in job classes that were covered by the following collective bargaining agreements on December 31, 2011.

(AFSCME1077, 1258, 2489,AMHSRH,AMHS-HSD, ATTORNEYS, YSC, Public Health Nurses)

Employees shall be entitled to annual paid vacation as follows: upon the completion of one
year, ten working days; in addition, Employees shall be entitled to one
additional day of vacation per year for each additional year of employment, up to a
maximum of twenty-five working days of vacation per year according to the following

After 2 years ? 11 days After 10 years ? 19 days
After 3 years ? 12 days After 11 years ? 20 days
After 4 years ? 13 days After 12 years? 21 days
After 5 years ? 14 days After 13 years? 22 days
After 6 years ? 15 days After 17 years ? 23 days
After 7 years ? 16 days After 18 years ? 24 days.
After 8 years ? 17 days After 19 years ? 25 days
After 9 years ? 18 days


For employees who are in job classes that were covered by theAMHSHSD contract on 12/31/2011, vacation pay and/or time off, shall be earned on a pay period rate, and available for immediate use in the following pay period and thereafter. Said time off may be used in time blocks of eight hours or less to a minimum of thirty minutes.

Probationary Employees. Employees shall accrue, but not be entitled to utilize vacation benefits during the first six (6) months of probation.


Attorneys may take five days of vacation during the second six months of their employment, five days during the third six months, five and one-half days during the fourth six months, five and one-half days during the fifth six months, and six days during the sixth six months, if they desire. No more than two periods of earned vacation may be accumulated or taken without the consent of the Human Resource Director. Attorneys earn five days of vacation during both six month periods the first year of employment, five and one-half days each six month period of the second year, six days each six month period during the third year and continuing in the same manner thereafter, up to a maximum of twenty-two working days of paid vacation per year.
7.05 I. Employees, upon separation, shall have all unused and accrued vacation credits (which are earned as specified above) contributed to a Post-Employment Health Plan (PHEP).



All regularly scheduled part-time employees will be allowed paid vacation on a pro-rated amount based on actual hours paid.


Regular part-time employees shall be entitled to vacation benefits on a pro-rata basis based on actual hours worked, excluding over time hours.


All regularly scheduled part-time employees will be allowed paid vacation on a pro-rated amount based on actual hours paid.

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