Goverment Jobs
March 20, 2019
Santa Barbara, California
Job Type



Perform a wide variety of complex administrative duties, according to departmental assignment, with only occasional instruction or assistance. Examples of duties include: customer service, cashiering, filing, summarize reports and legislation; prepare correspondence, forms, memos, resolutions, bills, receipts, permits, licenses, purchase orders, specifications, transcripts, statistical statements and reports, minutes of meetings, and legal documents from written or recorded sources; proofread; administer grants; explain or interpret information on departmental and City policies and procedures; research and maintain records and files; scan documents, answer telephones, and assist the public and employees in a courteous manner; compile agendas; attend and record commission and/or committee meetings and compile/prepare meeting minutes for review; may exercise lead responsibility over other support staff or interns; perform other work as required. Flexible work schedules may be available. Current vacancy is in Finance in the Treasury Division.

Finance vacancy primary responsibilities will be filling the cashier position responsible for cash receipting and recording all city revenue, helping citizens understand their utility bill and payments made, and provide information to business owners on obtaining a license. Spanish speaking highly desirable.

Knowledge of: English usage, grammar, punctuation, and spelling; business letter format and report preparation; basic mathematics and accounting principles/practices; telephone etiquette; operations, services, and activities of work area; creation and/or maintenance of filing systems; computer programs including Windows and Microsoft Office.
Skill in: Operating personal computer and general office equipment.
Ability to: Work independently on complex administrative duties with only occasional instruction or assistance; review and check documents for accuracy and completeness; understand and follow oral and written instructions; communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; select, interpret, explain, and apply policies and procedures to the public and employees in a courteous manner; apply established priorities and procedures to collect and calculate fees, penalties, bills, permits, and licenses; process applications and bills; operate a computer terminal or specialized equipment as assigned, operate a cash register may be necessary; assign, train, and review work of employees; coordinate and monitor work flow; meet schedules and timelines; formal minute taking procedures for meetings may be necessary.
Experience: Minimum three years of increasingly responsible general clerical experience including some accounting or bookkeeping experience. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university may be substituted for experience.
License Requirements: Applicant may be required to possess a valid California driver's license at time of appointment.
Physical Conditions: Essential functions may require maintaining physical condition necessary for lifting boxes of files, stooping, standing, walking or sitting for prolonged periods of time, depending on assignment.

It is important that your application show all the relevant education and experience you possess that qualifies you for this position. Applications may be rejected if incomplete.

The selection process may consist of a written exam and a computer skills exam. The written examination may include questions on reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, and math. Candidates receiving a passing score in the selection process will have their names placed on the eligibility list which may be utilized by various City Departments.



THE SALARY RANGE consists of five steps, each representing an increase of approximately five percent. STEP INCREASES, through the top salary step, are tied to job performance. Employees receive annual performance reviews.

THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS may vary and are subject to collective bargaining:

Note: Part-time employees receive pro-rated benefits, e.g., 50%, 60%, etc.

  • The City is a member of the Coastal Housing Partnership, which offers home loan assistance and rental reductions.
  • 9/80: Most departments work a standard Citywide 9/80 work schedule with closures on alternate Fridays.
  • Flexwork/Telecommuting may be available, depending on assignment.
  • Bilingual pay may be available at a rate of $64 / pay period.
  • Vacation is accrued at 80 hours / year, increasing with City service.
  • Personal Leave (32 hours) is provided each July 1st at the start of the fiscal year (pro-rated the first year).
  • Sick leave is accrued at the rate of 96 hours / year.
  • Holidays: 10 holidays (80 hours) are observed / year.
  • PERS Miscellaneous formula: "Classic" members: 2.7% @ 55; employee contributes 10.726% of salary. "New" members: 2% @ 62; employee contributes 6.75% of salary. The City does not participate in Social Security.
  • Insurance including medical, dental and vision benefits is available under a group plan. The City pays a monthly maximum of $1,110.01 towards medical, $82.66 towards dental, and $10.21 towards vision.
  • Cafeteria 125 Plan: Employees who opt-out of the group insurance coverage may be eligible for a cash pay-out of up to $362.38 / month.
  • Life Insurance: City-paid term life insurance ($50,000) is provided.
  • Employee Assistance Program: A City-paid EAP is available for employees and members of their household.
  • Long-term Disability Insurance is provided.
  • State Disability Insurance (SDI) is provided. Employee pays 1.1% of salary (pre-tax).
  • Deferred Compensation Savings Plans (457) are available to employees through a deferred compensation program.
  • Uniforms will be provided by the City to those employees required to wear a uniform.
  • Employee must pay an amount equal to 1.45% of salary toward Medicare. An equal amount is paid by the City.

Describe your experience in cash handling, including the receiving, recording and reconciliation of cash, 10 key, and cash register.

    Describe your experience working in an accounting operation, highlighting your accounts payable background.

      Describe your experience assisting customers and techniques used to resolve customer disputes.

        Describe in detail your experience with customer service and providing direct assistance to the public.

          Describe your clerical, office, and administrative experience. Include the job titles, employer and dates of employment.

            Describe your office, and computer experience, specifically Microsoft Office, Windows, Word, Excel, and/or the equivalent.

              Use the descriptions below to rate your ability to speak in Spanish on a scale of 1 ? 5.

              • I do not speak Spanish.
              • I have knowledge of basic Spanish vocabulary, mostly nouns. I use verbs used in infinitive form, or present tense only. I can construct elementary sentences.
              • I have a fair use of Spanish vocabulary, verbs used in at least three tenses. I have an adequate ability to construct sentences with clear expression. I can respond to a customer / citizen inquiry with few silences and stops in speech.
              • I have a rich vocabulary, including verbs, nouns, and adjectives. I am able to use all tenses and verbs, including formal forms of speech. I can respond to a customer / citizen inquiry with no silences or stops in speech.
              • I have a very rich Spanish vocabulary, and no grammar problems. I have an articulate manner of expression, with very slight or no accent in Spanish. I can respond to a customer / citizen inquiry with native like fluency.
              Use the descriptions below to rate your ability to write in Spanish on a scale of 1 ? 5.

              • I am not able to write in Spanish.
              • I am able to write simple very short phone messages and notes of a few sentences.
              • I can write simply in short and direct sentences about a very limited number of daily situations, and some basic correspondence.
              • I can compose correspondence, reports, summaries, short research papers on current events, on particular areas of interest or on special fields with reasonable ease.
              • I am able to write and compose in the language precisely and accurately in all topics, including a variety of complicated and technical industry reports, correspondence to advisory groups, or citizens in a professional and complete manner.
              Use the descriptions below to rate your ability to read in Spanish on a scale of 1 ? 5.

              • I am not able to read Spanish.
              • I can understand very short, simple written descriptions of some familiar persons, places, and things, like those found in many tourist pamphlets.
              • I can understand simple typed correspondence in familiar situations, including descriptions of events, locations and instructions.
              • I can understand the main ideas and important details of almost all material written within my particular professional field or area of primary interest (e.g., reports, analyses, letters, arguments, etc.).
              • I can understand long and complex analyses, factual reports, and professional documents with native like comprehension.

              * Required Question